Painter and Decorator East London Hiring Guide

Finely done paint job adds the last flourish to your house. While it can be tempting to do the painting or decorating work on your own, a reputable professional will not only take the burden off your shoulders but also create a finish that you would otherwise find hard to replicate. This is particularly the case when it comes to exterior painting, which often calls for specialist scaffolding and platforms to be conducted safely.

But how to do you find and ascertain that the best painter and decorator East London has to offer will treat you and your property with the respect you deserve and meet all your needs? Well, in this read we have discussed a few things that you need to do when looking for painters and decorators in this region. You will:

-First, seek recommendations from people you know and trust in your area including family members, co-workers, friends and even neighbours.

-Next, look beyond the ratings and look for a local professional trader who has excellent reviews for a similar job like wallpapering, external work or plastering to reassure you that they are ideal for the project.

Although genuine cancellations occur from time to time, you should be cautious about any trader who claims that they can embark on the project the next day. The same thing should go to any painter and decorator East London, who offers cash deals or utilises other high-pressure sales strategies.

It is ideally imperative to ask the potential decorator or painter whether or not they utilise subcontractors. Professional organizations’ memberships do not often extend to subcontractors and so, it’s important to know if the individuals actually handling the project will be up to par.

Inquire For a Survey

Reputable decorators and painters will never give you a quote or accept to engage in any project without first giving your home a visit. Email or call 3 recommended traders with an outline of what you want as well as rough measurements. They are experts and so, they should be able to advise you on the best options once they have seen the condition of your property and discussed your preferences and budget.

Ask the contractor if a slightly more costly approach like high-quality paint can lead to a better finish. The initial outlay may turn out to be marginally more, but it might end up being better value for your money.

Ensure You Get a Written Quote

More often than not, written quotes are precise, but the removal of wallpaper can be an exception. Most contractors will provide you with a quote base on the assumption that there’s one layer of wallpaper and that the walls underneath are in good condition. If they have to remove extra layers, or need to fix the underlying walls, then you can expect to be charged more.


Most paint and decoration projects are paid for when the work is done and approved. For bigger projects that may take more than 2 weeks, the contractor may ask for an upfront instalment. Also, distinct or expensive materials liked mixed paints tend to be billed in advance.

These are a few things that you may want to keep in mind when hiring a painter and decorator East London.