Laminate floor covering ought to be acclimated in a climate-controlled area for 2 days prior to beginning setup; ideally in the space where the flooring is going to be set up.
Ensure you make note of the proper direction to install the planks that is kept in mind at the top of the laminate installation guide. Some products require to begin on top right hand corner of the room and be installed from the right to the left-hand side of the room and other items are required to be set up in the opposite instructions. Please make note of which direction the product you have actually purchased is designed to be set up.
Represent some product waste in your floor covering material needs. We estimate the amount of product wasted to be 5%. Determine your floor covering needs by determining your rooms measurements and then include 5% to the surface area of the space. Utilize our simple flooring calculator to quickly determine how much you need to purchase for your project.
Preferably the laminate slabs need to be installed along the length of a space; this applies finest to long and narrow spaces. To make a space appear larger, it might be preferable to lay down the floor planks parallel to the longest wall.
Mix and match planks from numerous various containers to minimize any potential shade variation.
Inspect the laminate planks for quality, finish and color prior to installation.
Stagger the end joints of the planks by a minimum of 20 cm (8″) as this produces a more natural look to the surface floor covering.
T-Moldings require to be set up every 10m (33ft) to allow the laminate floor to contract and expand with the normal variation in relative humidity inside the house. It is also extremely recommended to install a T-Molding in every entrance.

Laminate flooring can be set up in cooking areas however caution must be taken to wipe up any excess water or spills instantly.
Laminate flooring is not suggested for bathrooms as the humidity and water in the environment is not perfect for laminate.
Laminate floor covering can be installed over concrete floors supplied the concrete is fully set and has been cured for 60– 90 days. As well, a wetness barrier must be utilized on top of the concrete flooring prior to installing the laminate.
It is essential to leave a growth gap around the perimeter of the room and repaired challenge enable the natural growth and contraction of the flooring with changes in seasonal temperatures. For laminate flooring please follows the following standards
For rooms 7.6 m (25ft) long/wide or less, leave 10 mm (3/8″).
For rooms higher than 7.6 m (25ft), leave 15 mm (5/8″).
Laminate floor covering can be installed over radiant heat however please ensure you describe the setup guide for particular directions on how to set up.